The Engine

Greysteel clients are represented by more than just market-leading real estate professionals. Each engagement is supported by a team of transaction and operations professionals with decades of experience, powered by our proprietary data and technology platform that delivers actionable market intelligence. From marketing to analytics, research, and deal management, Greysteel’s Engine provides the infrastructure to seamlessly manage our engagements so that our real estate professionals can focus on executing for our clients.

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Market-Leading Real Estate Professionals

Greysteel attracts and empowers high integrity and accountable real estate professionals.  We supercharge our people with technology so our team can share insights, experiences, and best practices with peers and clients to continuously create value.

Experienced Operations Professionals

Greysteel’s key department leads manage innovation across the company, leveraging machine learning and automation to form insights to identify strategic opportunities and create operational value.

Tech Enabled Engine

Greysteel’s Engine offers a unique support infrastructure composed of the best deal managers, data and research, marketing, and public relations professionals supercharged by a proprietary technology suite to deliver best-in-class solutions to support each client engagement.

Creating Markets

We create a market for each engagement, spanning all commercial property investment activities, from asset dispositions to senior and structured financings. Our market creating process is driven by real-time market intelligence and results in robust competition, which ultimately drives value. Our reputation as market creators has been built on consistently solving highly complex client challenges by leveraging our data and technology suite to identify the most appropriate capital event solution.

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The process for any Greysteel engagement begins with understanding our client’s point of view and tailoring the execution to achieve their objectives. What are the priorities? What are the concerns? Greysteel professionals will craft a strategy to not only find the best capital solution, but do it in a transparent and efficient manner focused on our client’s best interests.

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